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See what some of our families have to say about their experiences with Bridge to Knowledge.

"We love Bridge to Knowledge! The facility is cute, the classroom is set up well for learning and the staff is great with the kids. My son loves showing off projects when I pick him up each day. He is always so excited to tell me about the things they did that day and things they are learning about, and I love hearing about it! He also constantly talks about his teachers. He adores them and it is just so dang cute and fun hearing what he has to say about them. Both of my kids are clearly very comfortable with, and have good relationships with ALL of the staff. My daughter is in the infant room, and has always been clingy, not wanting me to leave her every day. After a couple weeks at B to K that problem vanished. She is happy to wander to all of the teachers and is comfortable with them all. I dropped something off in the middle of the day last week and she was perfectly content with me coming and leaving again without her. As sad as that is, it is very comforting to me knowing that she is that content in my absence. If only there were enough room on this page to go over everything. Anyway, thank you B to K!"

"We initially began the preschool program at Bridge to Knowledge upon the recommendation of a close friend of ours who is an experienced elementary school teacher. We stayed with Bridge to Knowledge for nearly 4 years, through our 2 boys, and could not be happier with our decision. The staff is caring, fun, and flexible in their methods of educating each child as the individual he is. Our boys developed a true interest in and love for learning during their time at Bridge to Knowledge. They were more than ready to begin Kindergarten and continue to enjoy and excel in school today."

"Like most new parents, my wife and I were hesitant the first time we left our first born child in someone else's care. However, our worries were quickly put at ease with the kind, caring, and compassionate staff at Bridge to Knowledge. Our son has now gone through the infant and toddler rooms and is now apart of the Bridge to Knowledge preschool. Additionally, we now have a daughter enrolled in the toddler room. Both our children love their teachers and love the learning experiences they have at Bridge to Knowledge. We are very happy with our decision to use Bridge to Knowledge as our daycare and preschool provider and have no doubts that they will be prepared socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually for Kindergarten."

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